Notes from the Faces   (Cast members)

One of the main things that stays with me from this piece is how it reminds me of an orchestra warming up before a concert. Itís a raucous cacophony of disparate sounds, all flying up out of the pit at you, almost assaulting your ears. But that baton comes down on the first beat and all those teaks and honks and moans flow together to create a sound that needs no words to touch you, to open up some slightly frozen part of yourself.

In essence we are all part of Grace and Grace is all part of us. We are all on the journey. On the trip. And with any trip, getting there is half the fun.

Itís weird hearing stuff I said over the years. It brings up a lot of new things in me. I feel like Iím witnessing my life all over again.

Iím afraid to say anything. Every time I do, Liz puts it in the play. Thank God she didnít come over for Thanksgiving dinner. If she had listened to my parents talk long enough , the whole script would have been rewritten.

Incredible work. So brave. Iím taken aback how brave it is. Itís amazing.

As the piece unfolds you will actually feel the layers of the unknown peeling off of Grace. And you will find yourself growing right along with her.

It fascinates me to watch how each of these colorful characters, from all walks of life, become a strand that makes up the essence of Grace.

This is a journey. Itís life. There are good days and bad days. Usually more good than bad. But we donít always see it that way. When we allow ourselves to give in to these characters, things come up that even we donít realize are there.

Logically, I donít think this piece should work. But as you sit there and listen, you drift there unawares into having an experience - without realizing how you have become involved.

People keep asking me "Did all that happen to you?" No. Yes. The experiences and stories will remain anonymous. But they have happened to all of us. Just in different manifestations. In this particular journey they are manifested in the eyes and heart of a woman named Grace.

Notes from the Director  (Frantz Hall)

When I first read "...Grace", it was a relief for me to know that someone else went through the agony of trying to find their way in this crazy little world. We all reach the point in our lives when our old way of doing things and handling things donít work anymore and we feel the need to discover a new path. For some people that path is clear, for others certain things need to be cleared from the path before they can find their way to it.

"...Grace" is the story of a woman who needed to clear the path before she could see it. Along the way she gets help from friends, strangers and angels who donít always know how big a part they are playing in Graceís journey. Grace reclaims a piece of herself, with the help of each of these characters, so she can go on to her next level in life. Sometimes the characters end up helping themselves in the process. Some pieces have sharp edges that Grace needs to deal with, While others show her the beauty of life itself.

"Faces of Grace" is the millennium Wizard of Oz. I hope you find this story as touching and life inspiring as I did. Some of you may experience extreme emotion when reading or seeing it. I hope that you do.

Whether it is anger, happiness or whatever else may come up for you, I hope it touches a chord in you as it did in me.



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