The Grace Interviews
Websterís definition of Grace:
The freely given and unmerited favor and love of God;
The influence of a Spirit of God operating in man to regenerate, influence or strengthen him;
Virtue or excellence of divine origin;
Clemency - Mercy;
Manifestation of a favor by a superior;
A pleasing or attractive quality or endowment;
Favor or goodwill;
State of grace; Condition of being in Godís favor;
Moral strength;
Regarded with favor;

These are dictionary definitions of grace. One of the purposes of my project is to discover how grace is realized in peoples lives. How they go about finding it. Or maybe it hunts them down and finds them. How does it manifest? Obvious? Or totally disguised and minuet. Hysterically funny, absolutely ridiculous, dramatic or tender?

I have no clue. You tell me!
Thanks for sharing your time, thoughts and essences with me!

The Questions

What is grace? What does it mean to you? How has it manifested in your life? In the lives of others?

What, if anything has or could stop you from accepting grace?

Do you believe in hope? If you do has that belief ever pulled you through something?

If you could compare grace to something physical or material, what would it be?

What is your favorite self help book, tape, whatever? What is the strangest self help title you ever saw?

Do you know any really good ghost stories? Any really scary stories some relative told you to scare the bejebies out of you at a tender young or old age?

What is the best story your Grandma, Grandma or any ancient relative ever told you? The most touching story? The most God awful piece of advice?

What is the wierdest, most compulsive thing you ever did?

Have you or anyone you know ever had an out of body experience? Out of body experience with Oil of Olay?

Have you or anyone else you know ever had any experiences with angels?

Have you ever felt like you couldnít continue on? What happened?

Describe any life transforming experiences. Near death experiences. How did these shape your life?

Do you have a ritual to get you thru life or whatever?

How has faith manifested in your life?

Have you ever been afraid to feel? Has it stopped you from moving? What finally helped you move again?

Do you have belief in God or a higher power? Can you describe how it manifests for you?

What is your perception of divinity?

So. Letís talk about serendipity, coincidences, spooky stuff!

Seen any good miracles lately?

Any good rehab stories?

Have you ever participated in a seance or any spooky stuff?

Did you ever feel something was shoving you, like a big giant hand, in a certain direction, for a totally unbeknownst reason?

Do you think I need grammar and typing lessons?

Can you talk about any impressionable childhood moments, positive or negative? How have they transformed and shaped you?

What about destiny?

Have you found what you are looking for?

Have you ever helped a person or animal pass on? What gift or knowledge did the experience allow you?

Where do you get your light?

Please share any experience about the courage of a loved one living and dying of AIDS.

What have you taken for granted?

Whatís in your pocket?

Do you believe in soul mates? Have you met any of them?

Have you ever leapt into darkness?

Any good alien abduction stories? Have you ever had alien sex?

What makes you happy?

Any good war stories?

Has anyone opened their heart to you? Did you feel it? If not, do you know why? Has anyone ever touched or opened your heart?

What is the weirdest mystical experience youíve ever experienced or heard about?

What is death?

Has anyone you know ever reincarnated as a fly?

What are your feelings about reincarnation? Ever met anyone you knew?

Can you feel? Were you ever numb?

Have you ever hit any kind of bottom? What resulted?

Any experiences you reflect back on, that suddenly have a tremendous impact on your life now?

What movement or changes do you see in the world? In humanity?

What was the bravest thing you ever saw anyone do for themselves or others?

How do you picture your soul? Have you ever fought for it?

At what level do you feel grace occurs?


AUTHORS NOTE    (Elizabeth Wunsch)

Faces of Grace began itís journey over five years ago. I had begun on a journey of healing and I wondered if others were experiencing the wild, phenomenal stuff that I had been. So I started asking questions. Interviews. And in the process of each interview, openings were created in the souls of the interviewee and myself. An experience that moved each of us forward to a new level. I wanted to recreate that on stage. Blow open a bunch of people all at once. Well, you get the idea. Working with the technique of Transformational Acting developed by Sande Shurin,

I knew it was possible for actors to have the actual experiences needed to create openings in the audiences involved. Now, to take these interviews and my experiences and weave them into story!

The Journey begins. 


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