The thoughts, energies, stories, identities and essences
of the following people contributed to the development of FACES OF GRACE.
They belong to all and none and have become manifest for all to access thru the heart, soul and journey of a woman named Grace.

Rhonda M., Dave W., Fran G., Jennifer, Terry C., Tom R.,

Elizabeth W., Liz L., Jolie R., Goober, Patrick C., Brian G.,

Florence W., Billy Boy, Ernie, Billy N, Sande S., Arely T.,

Liam Q., Red, David S., Scott D., Ben G., Bruce A., Dan C.,

Gerry L., Frank C., Frantz H., Freddy, Greg C., Pete C.,

Greg A., Jack Jack, Mitch D., Bobby H., Jean F., Joseph D., ,

Tony M. Louise D., Jenny L., Stephan Anthony C.,

Montee R., Donna C., MartaElena W., Angela M., Milton A.,

Frank L., Kent B., Arturo, Milton A., Tripp H., Anitra F.,

Lisa B., Ginger P., Mags, Micheal B., Josephine S., Louis C.

Kathleen T., Valerie H., James Anthony C., Barbra C.,

Suzanne P., Robert F., William W., Bruce L., Nora W.,

Suzan P., Jadah C., Lacy P., Jenni F., Ginger P.


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