Animals love Reiki. They can be given Reiki as long as they will allow it!
They will let you know when to stop.

This is SAM. He was a feral cat picked up as a kitten on the
Upper West Side of New York by an Organization called
NEIGHBORHOOD CATS, a neuter and release organization
in NYC.



Some animals are skittish and won't let you near them. You can still give them Reiki by beaming it to them if you are in the same
room or by sending them Reiki using the distance symbol. A Reiki practitioner will take a picture of your pet, or just by
knowing your pet's name and having the proper intention, they can send Reiki to your pet.

This is DENNIS. He is Sam's litter mate and brother by different father's (don't ask it's more info than you want to know)

Both DENNIS and SAM are now living happily in Phoenix, soaking up lot's of sun and Reiki!

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